Oktoberfest - Need to know

What you need to know

We are just over the border in the Austrian Alps, in a 700 year old medievil town that has the worlds fatsest ski race and is simply stunning!

Fly into Salzburg with Ryanair (Stansted) or BA (Gatwick), this is only 60 min away from the Chalet. (Transfer time 1hr)


Fly into Munich - may have the best priced flights and more options, try Easyjet (Stansted), Airlingius (Gatwick), British Midlands (Heathrow) or BA (Heathrow). (Transfer time - 1.5 - 2hrs)

All accommodation is walking distance to everything you need during your stay, no taxis ever needed !

Useless info to the seasoned beer drinker !

  • The cost of a stein of Beer in 2016 was about € 10.80 but we pay €12.00 including the tip sop they keep coming (£ 10.00) - 1 litre. Don't steal steins; buy them in the souvenir shop, or you could be staying overnight with Fritz in the cellar
  • Pork knuckles (schweinshaxen - €20) and Roast Chickens (hendl €14) are a big part of the Oktoberfest. Girls could share with a friend.
  • Tips are good if you want to get served again. Round up to at least to the higher Euro, we do € 12 steins.
  • Girls need approx £ 80 per day for food, beer and a ride or two.
  • Guys need £120 minimum for a good day at the Beerfest.
  • We have a central meeting spot for your entire group at 8pm, as you are bound to lose someone in the group.
  • All Bedding supplied. No sleeping bags please people.
  • A weather check is best made a few days before you leave. Be aware weather has ranged from 35 degrees to sleet and snow in the past years
  • Wear the right clothes (check biking notes). Oktoberfest tents are hot and sweaty. You will not be allowed to take your shirt off
  • Get yourself a dirndl or lederhosen, see Shevy for this and we will show you where to get them in Kitz on arrival.
  • Good footwear is best to avoid broken glass and big boots standing on your toes, three pluggers are prone to blowouts !
  • Bags or backpacks are good for stashing cameras and jumpers BUT backpacks are not allowed, only small handbags !!. Be aware that people can steal these.
  • Fights will result in you being kicked out or arrested.
  • Cash and minimal items is best as be prepared to loose what you take.
  • Look after your wallets, keys and phones if you take them!!!
  • NO SMOKING in tents since 2010

Weather Report

The lifts are still open but we have hung up the gloves...see ya next season

What our customers say

Perfect, we had a ball and alllowed us the freedom but had that all important arrival info as well as assist...