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Sick of the hoax calls and not knowing whats going on with the snow and hows the conditions are ? This is your link to a no crap low down that will let you know what your missing and what we are smashing !

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Keep in mind the snow is like the surf, it changes from hour to hour but we do our best to make sure the real deal is there to keep you amped !


As the clouds part and all the heavenly glory is revealed

by paulshevlin1973 on January 18, 2016

Its so on you dont even want to know !

Fresh tracks all day....on the Munich autobahn

by paulshevlin1973 on January 17, 2016

Well i couldnt say what the exact snow was like for Saturday on the mountain as we were cutting fresh tracks on the autobahn to and from Munich but from the pics that i was sent and then driving back into resort, it looked awesome.

Heavy dumping of 30cm on Saturday morning

by paulshevlin1973 on January 16, 2016

Well, its on, its still coming and its predicted to keep going till Monday.

BREAKING NEWS - HUGE snow flakes falling in town and its looking the goods.

by paulshevlin1973 on January 11, 2016

Its come in, we look to have 2 to 3 days of this. Forcasts say colder temps into very cold on the weekend, lets hope so. My models and synoptic shows 2 days of snow, warming up on Thursday a bit, Friday back in with snow and the weekend will be mild as opposed to the minus 10 to minus 15 predicted. I hope im wrong ! Shev

New snow on the improving snow base

by paulshevlin1973 on January 07, 2016

Well we have had 5cm of new stuff of the mountain and in the valley. Reports coming in are faster and better prepared pistes, with more even cover with colder temps they have something to really work with now. New maps show me that we are in for some cold temps on the weekend and what i am calling peroids of snow in and out overe the next days. It looks as if we could have broken the cycle that has been dry and this could produce a suprise half metre dump in the next days. The forcasted synoptic for 5 days from now looks intense ! Fingers crossed, im pumped, the last days have been great in the morning to blast 10 runs and a new dump on top will be getting us close to a normal winter. Shev

Weather Report

The lifts are still open but we have hung up the gloves...see ya next season

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