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Sick of the hoax calls and not knowing whats going on with the snow and hows the conditions are ? This is your link to a no crap low down that will let you know what your missing and what we are smashing !

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Keep in mind the snow is like the surf, it changes from hour to hour but we do our best to make sure the real deal is there to keep you amped !


Huge front rolls into town

by paulshevlin1973 on December 10, 2010

Its blowing a gale and white gold is falling !!

Sunny days and warm this April ?

by paulshevlin1973 on December 08, 2010

Yep, its feeling like spring skiing for the day.

The cold snap backs off

by paulshevlin1973 on December 06, 2010

It looks like we may get rain in the village but snow up higher as a milder front pushes through

Cold, crisp and dry snow

by paulshevlin1973 on December 04, 2010

Nice dry snow cover after the last days of on and off snow.

Huey turning it on !

by paulshevlin1973 on December 03, 2010

Huey has been doing his thing and spinning colds front all over Europe

Weather Report

The lifts are still open but we have hung up the gloves...see ya next season

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