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Sick of the hoax calls and not knowing whats going on with the snow and hows the conditions are ? This is your link to a no crap low down that will let you know what your missing and what we are smashing !

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Keep in mind the snow is like the surf, it changes from hour to hour but we do our best to make sure the real deal is there to keep you amped !


Summer still on the roll !

by paulshevlin1973 on October 02, 2011

With a high of 27 degrees, that weekend riding or getting some good times in the mountains is still on !

Perfection ! 22 degrees blue bird !

by paulshevlin1973 on September 30, 2011

The Oktoberfest week 3 crew are on the mountain doing downhill biking

Grey and mild but better than London

by paulshevlin1973 on June 12, 2011

Our perfect week of hot has gone !

Monday and Tuesday saw the clouds roll in and its gone crappy

by paulshevlin1973 on May 12, 2011

Grey, wet and sad

Summer is on

by paulshevlin1973 on May 09, 2011

Getting fit is the go

Weather Report

The lifts are still open but we have hung up the gloves...see ya next season

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