Perfection had to come to an end some day !

by paulshevlin1973 on March 09, 2015

After over 1 week of the best powder falling from the skies, blue birds days blessed us to score the best lines in a long long time.

It seems its never the same as the last time and i was there to share the high fives and hugs as some class runs were put down. Watching guests smiles from ear to ear was epic........the blue just left and we have grey skies and perfect piste for a few days it looks, the power has gone a bit crusty but its by far nowhere near bad ! Creep it real...Shevy

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Weather Report

The lifts are still open but we have hung up the gloves...see ya next season

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Perfect, we had a ball and alllowed us the freedom but had that all important arrival info as well as assist…